Proximity Services

The centrality of our sites is attractive for multiple use case which require proximity to the society and easy access. Rooftops of car parks can be used for 5 G antennas, cinemas, bars, concerts and any other inner city events.

Given the fit-out and the original intended architecture car parks also form a great location for distributed Manufacturing or micro maintenance of cars and other vehicles, pop-up stores, urban camping or flea markets.

Use Cases

5G Technology

5G offers the fastest mobile network currently available. By the help of 5G antennas deployed on car park rooftops we can provide unbeatable reception for our Urban Hubs partners in our Urban Hubs for their businesses but also the urban society around car parks.

Distributed Manufacturing

Partnerships around distributed manufacturing hubs support organizing production so that it is spread out across many different locations. With that, our partners are making things and goods closer to where they are needed or using local resources that might otherwise go to waste. Distributed manufacturing hubs in the existing building substance of our Urban Hubs help to reduce inner-city business traffic and support green delivery purposes.

Community & Entertainment

Individual capacities in our Urban Hubs can be used for various forms of Pop-Up events in urban areas. We can facilitate appropriate events from weatherproof flea markets over Pop-Up bars on our rooftops, Pop-Up fairs & exhibitions, fashion shows, drive-in cinemas or even Urban Camping hubs. Most tailormade infrastructure in and around our Urban Hubs provide partners and guests with full-service offers in an urban industrial Charme atmosphere.

Micro Maintenance

Micro maintenance hubs in our car parks are primarily used for maintenance, repair, service and inspection center for all vehicle types in cities. They’re beneficial for fleet operators of cars, bikes, scooters or cargo bikes – as they can gain efficiency increases from reduced distances between their M&R hubs and the vehicle deployment as well as the symbioses to fleet parking & charging capacities in our Urban Hubs.

Mobile Health

Mobile Health stations were implemented originally in COVID-times as Drive-in test and vaccination stations. But there are several types of medical treatments doable as a Drive-in . Mobile health hubs also support cooled lockers for pharmaceutical products or interim storage of medical devices and instruments or other goods.


Community Entertainment

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