We offer electrification services to partners and customers such as charging and energy generation. Starting from energy generation through photovoltaic or wind turbines on rooftops to giving away this energy for charging of all types of vehicles from micro mobility to EV cars and vans. Pricing optimized services with central digital platforms to ensure b2b ready business models. Energy management from generation, transformer stations to load-management, maintenance, customer service center and fire protection, we offer end-to-end services and take the hassle from our clients while contributing to their ESG reportings with dashboards and taxonomy certified reportings.

Use Cases


Electric vehicles have smashed the Gordian knot – the provision of millions of public charging points is mandatory to fulfill the needs of the growth in EV and with that support the reduction of CO2 emissions in the transport. APCOA is committed to a significant scope regarding deployment of charging infrastructure at our +12,000 European parking locations. In total, we plan to install 100,000 AC charging stations by 2035 and more than 1.000 DC fast and ultra-fast charging stations in addition.

Fleet Charging

The EV Charging infrastructure in our car parks will also be provided to all sort of vehicle fleets in cities. APCOA’s flexible, affordable, and intelligent solutions for fleet parking & charging enable our fleet partners to park and charge their fleets centrally and seamlessly. Tailormade additional Parking, Charging & Ancillary services complete APCOAs offer for fleets.

Micro Mobility Charging

Our Urban Charging infrastructure also contains solutions all sort of micro mobility vehicles such as E-bikes, E-scooters and E-mopeds. Our most tailormade Micro Mobility Charging solutions are deployed upon the individual partner and / or cities needs and include dedicated charging racks for vehicles, charging cabinets for swappable batteries or engaged plug-in solutions.

Green Energy Production

We facilitate the generation of green energy from photovoltaic (PV) systems or even wind turbines on our car park rooftops, where possible. The generated energy is either linked to the various charging services at our Urban Hubs or alternatively other users in the properties. In addition, the energy can also be fed into the grid.


Fleet Charging

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