We contribute to a more sustainable, lower-emission mobility with a range of connected transportation services. Car & Ride Sharing, Car Rental and Micro-Mobility are offered to customers through our partners, which use our sites as mobility hubs. With more than 12,000 sites across Europe, many at key points of interest, we support our mobility partners to drive their business. Users benefit from convenient pick-up and drop-off solutions and multimodal and intermodal transportation options.

Use Cases

Autonomous Vehicles

Together with Bosch and Mercedes-Benz we have developed the world’s first highly automated driverless (SAE Level 4) parking function. The system collects and returns the vehicle completely independently. The entire AVP process is digital throughout all stakes – and helps users to save time, while in parallel reduces hassles to find a free parking spot. The car can enter and exit car parks seamlessly based on Number Plate Recognition of our APCOA FLOW platform as the backbone of AVP. The car itself is driven to the parking bay. APCOA FLOW further supports the user experience with additional services such as the provision of real-time occupancy information, pre-booking of the space as well as automated payment.

Car Rental

Our Urban Hubs also serve as pick-up and drop-off locations as well as operational service hubs for car rentals. The entire process is supported by the digital platform APCOA FLOW, which guarantees seamless entry and exit for all registered vehicles at any time. Our hubs are located at key points of interest and offer multiple additional services and use cases partners and users benefit from.

Car & Ride Sharing

Shared Mobility is on the rise – and has become a regular part of the urban transport landscape. Together with our partners we offer seamless pick-up and drop-off for vehicles at our locations. For users, this eliminates the need and hassle to search for on-street parking spaces. Seamless entry and exit of registered vehicles are granted via Number Plate Recognition by APCOA FLOW. The digital platform also allows for a flexible capacity management based on the specific partner demands.

Intermodal Transport

City dwellers want to choose their individual mode of transport for any given journey. We have incorporated various multi- and intermodal transport hubs. Users can select from a wide range of transport options such as electric bikes, scooters or mopeds as well as car and ride sharing. Often, public transportation options are also nearby. The contingents and partner-specific capacities for all hubs are controlled and managed digital by the APCOA FLOW platform.

Micro Mobility

Small electric vehicles are playing a key role in the urban mobility landscape. At APCOA, we facilitate more than 4,000 micro mobility transactions annually. The vehicles can be picked-up or dropped-off in dedicated zones or racks in our car parks. We also support the efficiency and profitability of our Micro Mobility partners with storage solutions for their vehicle fleets or battery charging infrastructure as well as other services.


Car Sharing

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