E-commerce is a super fast growing markets which drives congestion constraints in city centers and leads to extended pedestrian zones, kerbside limitations and challenging route plannings. We offer logistics companies micro logistic hubs, urban warehousing, fulfillment stations and parcel pickup/drop-off locations to overcome those challenges and transform to a more sustainable city logistics with the use of cargo bikes and minimized congestion, optimized routes and commissioning.

Use Cases


Urban residents, dwellers and businesses continuously strive to take advantage of simplifying the pick-up or drop off their parcels as a part of their daily routines. Together with our several partners for locker boards, we provide parcel lockers and different forms and dimensions – partially even cooled or heated to support even food delivery. Our partners for the deployments of such lockers benefit from the millions of existing consumer touchpoints at our locations. In our car parks, we have set up highly visible and easily accessible areas for lockers of all sizes, where personal items, baggage or parcels can be stored. The lockers make perfect sense in our APCOA Hubs, leading to greater efficiency and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Urban Warehousing

Flexible Urban warehousing solutions become increasingly important in central locations, especially when it comes to same day delivery. They are an innovative way to meet heightening customer demand efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.
Urban warehousing solutions at our Hubs benefit from additional ancillary services and linkages to other use cases within the Urban Hubs ecosystem, such as for example parcel lockers as pendant for click & collect services, last mile hubs or fleet parking and charging.

Fleet Parking

Park your fleet at central locations ready for use the next day! APCOA’s car parks can deliver flexible, but sufficient capacities for a specific number of vehicles that can be reserved for your fleet – regardless whether your fleet is a fleet of cars, bikes, cargo bikes or even vans and trucks. This guarantees safe storage for vehicles of our partners in the specific time frames upon their individual demands. A broad variety of tailormade ancillary services around e.g., fleet charging, cleaning, disinfection, or video surveillance complete our proposition for fleets.

Last Mile Delivery

APCOA’s city logistics hubs offer most appropriate infrastructure solutions for the interim good storage and the shift from goods from larger vehicles to emission-free micro mobility vehicles such as cargo bikes. All delivery and last mile distribution vehicles can seamlessly enter and exit their hub even at peak times based on APCOA’s FLOW platform as the backbone of last mile hubs. The different micro hubs can be secured in different ways, so that also distribution vehicles can be safely stored overnight. A variety of helping hands services help logistics partners to further simplify their processes in order to gain efficiencies for their green last mile delivery purposes.

Drone Logistics

Electric drones might be a further step towards green delivery in cities. Our sites can facilitate drone hubs – for example on our rooftops depending on the individual requirements. These areas can of course be individually separated and secured, in order to let partner store and charge their drones overnight.

Self Storage

Our mobile and flexible self-storage units are right where consumers and business partners need them: At central locations in the hearts of our cities. – and close to where they live, work or deploy their business. Our self-storage units can be flexibly configured so that they match with the respective partner demand in terms of scope and size. Self-storage customers further benefit from the chance to park their vehicles next to their self-storage units, which helps to massively simplify the loading and unloading of items stored there in.


Ghost or Dark kitchens are a growing solution that goes hand in hand with the significant growth of food delivery services. At APCOA, we can dedicate capacities for the deployment of ghost kitchens in our car parks and in principle also support infrastructural connects for e.g., water, waste water and electricity. The linkage between ghost kitchen hubs and micro mobility solutions such as racks and charging cabinets for vehicles combine the several needs of food delivery partners most appropriately.


Locker Boards

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